Here at Harris & Reynolds Properties we try to help out people who have stumbled and had some problems with their credit. Our goal is to help people own their own home, instead of paying rent. The homes we have do need some work, paint, flooring, carpet, etc. This helps keep the price lower and lets you, the home owner, make choices that make the home yours. We do not want to mislead anyone; the homes do need some TLC. We try to ensure that all our homes are structurally sound, and the plumbing and electrical are in good working condition.

Our selling process is few very simple steps, and I will personally walk you through every step of the process.

  • You find one of our houses you like.
  • Call me and arrange a time for you to look at the house.
  • Fill out an information sheet.
  • Put up earnest money. The earnest money is also part of the down payment.
  • I will send the information sheet to our attorney.
  • I also send the information sheet to our insurance agent to get you a quote for the homeowners insurance.
  • I will then set up a closing date.
  • At the closing you will need the balance of the down payment.
  • First year’s insurance paid in full.
  • Attorney fees of $800.00.
  • The house will then be deeded in your name.


You are not required to use our insurance agent. If you choose to use another agent all we ask is that you let our agent compare the two quotes. When you make your monthly payment you will also be putting money in an escrow account. The escrow account is to pay for your taxes and insurance.