Maegin Cove / Rainbow Ridge on Wilson road

$18,000 for one or $15,000 apiece for 2 or $12,500 apiece for 3

Owner Financed is the way to go. How would you like to own the spot to build your dream home? You know that the best place to live is on the lake right? So if you could have the best of both worlds that would be great right? Now just to add to the best is also where the neighbors have nice houses too. Now if you think that this fits keep reading. For if you have ever been to Lake Tyler, you know that it is not just a small lake, You have some of the best skiing, fishing and so on, just on this lake. Yes, you could have a really nice place that would be secluded and peaceful and the best is you get to build your dream home. So that would mean that no one else has lived there before. Does this not sound tempting? Well I have the right deal for you. You can own not just one lot but 2 or more, I have 2 lots side by side and, oneset of 3 lots side by side by side. Also if you want to know how much well, they are $18,000 a piece but if you buy 2 I will let you have them for $15,000 apiece, I could also get a really good rate for 3 or more and the best thing is it is Owner Financed as well. That’s right with this setup you would not be sitting on top of your neighbor and what a view you will have each and every day, and you can see that you will have access to the lake at no charge other than your dues each year, and you will only be minutes from Tyler. If this sounds good to you just get in touch with me through my website and you can see what other properties I have here at Harris & Reynolds Properties . Please check it out and if you think you know someone who you think I can help out then by all means give them a call and tell them about me.